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Article • Billboard • Volume 112, Issue 40, Page 25 •

Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus: Roxette’s Greatest Hits
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Roxette Recordings/Edel America 49310

It’s ironic how some acts just rack up hit after hit, seemingly under the radar of pop culture. It’s also interesting to note how easy it is to take such acts for granted. During its early-’90s heyday, no one took Roxette seriously. And yet, the masses happily consumed one tasty treat after another by the act–as evidenced by this hit-packed compilation. Remarkably, much of the material has aged well. “Listen To Your Heart” continues to be as potent as any power ballad to top the charts in recent times, while “Dangerous” still has a wicked little hook that seems perfect for car stereos. Does it still have the golden pop touch? If the new track, “Wish I Could Fly,” is an accurate indicator, the answer is resoundingly positive. The track is awash in moody synths, timely shuffle beats, and vocals that are seductively sensual. Given the slow-but-steady rise the track is currently enjoying at radio, it looks like Roxette will be adding to that pile of much-deserved (if guilty pleasure) hits.