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I en tid som var

ReviewAnders HvidfeldtAftonbladet

Note: This has been translated from the original Swedish.


Yes, Marie Fredriksson’s return as a solo artist is, at times, somewhat melancholy, depressing, and autumnal.

But unlike other commentators, I believe that even millionaire women from Djursholm have the right to be sad sometimes. For those who have seen Colin Nutley’s new film “Sånt är livet,” the CD’s title track “I en tid som vår” is already familiar. A mellow song that seems to wobble along, beautifully gilded with cello sounds and water-drop piano.

Already here, Marie’s husband, Micke Bolyos, who plays most of the instruments throughout the album, shows that he is a musician to be reckoned with. “Efter så många år” is another not-quite-cheerful song, with a quietly lilting chorus, “Min trognaste vän” a new lullaby that the country’s parents of young children will love unconditionally – and “Vinterängel” a gentle, string-laden ode to the baby growing in Marie’s belly.

Okay, it’s not exactly rock ‘n’ roll.

But who said all artists have to do that? Now, things are far from slowing down.

“Ber bara en gång,” laced with Beatles harmonies, is one of the album’s highlights. The bluesy “Drömmen,” with Nicci Wallin’s tight, driving drums and Sven Zetterberg’s harmonica as an extra spice, is another.

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you that Marie sings like a lark throughout the album. In case anyone suspected the opposite.