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She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Press release • EMI International •

Starting off a song with a roaring HD bike gives you an idea of the gear it’s cruisin’ in. This is high-energy pop, very much alive and kicking.

The song was actually written some years ago but got its present shape when Per Gessle and his former band Gyllene Tider reunited shortly last summer. It is the original band members on the recording, and Gessle quotes: “I was amazed by the energy level we had both live and in the studio.” Marie says: “This is the sound of Halmstad in the summertime.” Per: “Yeah, songs like these are the easiest to write, perform, and record. I feel totally at home here. It’s where I come from, really.”

“She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” is the third single taken from Roxette’s greatest hits, the multi-million-selling album Don’t Bore Us – Get to the Chorus!

Stockholm, April, 1996