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Don’t Bore Us – Get to the Chorus!

ReviewRonny OlovssonAftonbladet

Note: This has been translated from the original Swedish.

Gessle and Fredriksson summarise. And, of course, this is a nice list of songs. The 80’s hits are still strongest in terms of melody, even if the production feels dull today. And then there are songs from recent years that have not been as natural or direct. The four new tracks (which are supposed to trick fans into buying old favourites one more time):

  • “June Afternoon”: A semi-acoustic pop gem that goes at a walking pace with Per on vocals.
  • “You Don’t Understand Me”: Marie in a sentimental ballad that grows on you with each listen.
  • “She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”: Motorbike sounds, spirited guitars, and Per in dangerous car stereo rock. Good.
  • “I Don’t Want to Get Hurt”: Marie in another longing ballad. Echoes a bit of “It Must Have Been Love”.