The Roxette Gazette


Press release • EMI Electrola GmbH •

Note: This has been translated from the original German.

Artist: Roxette
Title: Dangerous
Producer: Clarence Öfwerman
Catalog number: 13 6370 2/6/7

Roxette was THE surprise hit of ’89. After Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle had already broken all sales records in Sweden with their debut album “Pearls of Passion” in 1986 (and audience records with the tour that followed), they were able to release their second LP “Look Sharp!” and expand their success effortlessly to the rest of the world, i.e. also in America, Europe, England, and Australia to become a fixture in the fast-moving music business.

The mega-seller “The Look” (top 4 of the German annual sales hit parade in 1989 and number 1 on the Billboard charts) and “Listen to Your Heart” were the first releases from their long-player “Look Sharp!”. “Dangerous” (like all other pieces written by Per) is now about to become the third trump card in the round of successful single releases – a rocking dance floor number that lives from two elements: Marie’s unmistakable voice, which immediately captures the listener, and Per’s propulsive guitar riffs. It’s easy to see that Per and Marie haven’t been making music since only yesterday, but they also belonged to the singing elite of the country above in northern Europe even before Roxette!