The Roxette Gazette

Pearls of Passion

“Neverending Love”, the first single by Roxette was in the first place meant as a hobby-project. After an unexpected success, a second place in the radio chart and a third place in the sales chart, Roxette had to make an album.

The album “Pearls of Passion,” released on November the 3rd, needed one month to be gold with a sale of 50.000 copies. Today 180.000 copies are sold, and it is a platinum album. The album stands for five months in the Top 20, and the highest place was the 2nd.

The next two singles, “Goodbye to You” and “Soul Deep,” are both good selling singles and were top 10 hits. “Soul Deep” was number 1 in the radio­ chart for three weeks.

In March of 1987, EMI released a special version of “Pearls of Passion”, “Dance Passion.” On “Dance Passion,” you can find new 12" versions of 7 tracks from “Pearls of Passion.”

Since the release of the album, Roxette had a very busy time. They appeared in every important Radio and TV show. They made a promotion tour for one week in Sweden. They were also in programs on local radio shows. They also made many interviews with the press. The media in Sweden is very enthusiastic about Roxette.

Marie and Per are a great, successful team. Roxette is a duo with much quality and ambition, and they are prepared for an international breakthrough.

Roxette is a duo with much talent, and they want to show the world that Sweden’s not only ABBA or Europe. Sweden is also Roxette.

Side A

  1. Soul Deep (Per Gessle) 3.41
  2. Secrets That She Keep (Per Gessle) 3.48
  3. Goodbye To You (Per Gessle) 4.03
  4. I Call Your Name (Per Gessle) 3.38
  5. Surrender (Per Gessle) 4.24
  6. Voices (Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson & Per Andersson) 4.46

Side B

  1. Neverending Love (Per Gessle) 3.30
  2. Call Of The Wild (Per Gessle) 4.32
  3. Joy Of A Toy (Per Gessle & M.P. Persson) 3.09
  4. From One Heart To Another (Per Gessle) 4.11
  5. Like Lovers Do (Per Gessle) 3.25
  6. So Far Away (Per Gessle & Hasse Huss) 5.17


  • Pelle Alsing - Drums
  • Tommy Cassemar - Bass
  • Jonas Isacsson - Guitars
  • Clarence Öfwerman - Keyboards

Roxette 1362451
Produced and arranged by Clarence Öfwerman
Engineered by Alar Suurna
Recorded at EMI Studios, Stockholm in September ’86, Neverending Love recorded in February ’86
(P) & © 1986 EMI Svenska AB