The Roxette Gazette

Look Sharp Live!

80-minute live supershow, 16 super songs descended from two albums, four changes of clothes, a gigantic stage on which a true light show takes place, this all is presented by Roxette on their “Look Sharp Live!” tour through Sweden.

About 8,096 fans are waiting for what’s coming. At 8.30 precisely the show begins. 24 spotlights wrap the stage in a green light intermingled with a red hazy streak. The first sound from “Dance Away” comes from the speakers. Marie jumps, wrapped in a tight, black outfit on the 30 metre wide stage, Per follows her, then guitar-player Jonas Isacsson and bass-player Anders Herrlin, the drummer and background-singer disappear in the haze. Per keeps himself mostly in the background, while Marie whirls across the front of the stage, and behaves like a Hollywood- star. She takes off her black coat and next stands in her black trousers and a black bra in front of the fans.

Per and Marie have their audience completely spellbound and also the following songs show real rock, particulary the songs “Dangerous” and “Dressed for Success”. Between the songs Marie disappears as quickly as lightning backstage and reappears in black trousers with silver buttons and a short, tight shirt also black and long black gloves.

The fans sing at the top of their voices with “Neverending Love”, the first Roxette hit, and the heavy number “Joy of a Toy” (from the first album "Pearls of Passion). In the second part of the show, Marie wears a tight white mini dress and sings, sitting on a piano the super-ballad “It must have been love”, Roxette’s Christmas hit '87. After a flashing Guitar-duet from Per and Jonas follows the height of the evening “The Look.” 8,000 fans are singing: na na na na na She’s got the look.

After the tempo-number “Surrender” Marie introduces the band members with whom they have been rehearsing for the last three weeks. Then follows the song “Chances.”

After 17 songs, “Dressed for Success” will be played extra, but Per gets so completely caught up in his Guitar play that he gets stuck in the middle of the text of the world hit, the fans in the stadium help him out and sing the rest of the text.

Exhausted but overjoyed, Marie and Per appear later on at their first night-party. In autumn they will go on tour through the States and Europe.

The Roxette Look Sharp Live! summer tour was a great success. Roxette played in the followies cities.

  • 7 July Halmstad
  • 9 July Falköping
  • 10 July Hultsfred
  • 11 July Huskvarna
  • 12 July Ljusdal
  • 14 July Sundsval
  • 15 July Skelleftea
  • 16 July Gavle
  • 19 July Hunnebostrand
  • 21 July Kristinehov
  • 22 July Varberg
  • 23 July Helsingborg
  • 25 July Borgholm
  • 26 July Borgholm
  • 28 July Eskilstuna
  • 29 July Alsingsas
  • 30 July Skare
  • 1 August Stockholm
  • 4 August Karlstad
  • 5 August Örebro

Together, more than 115,000 fans saw the fantastic live show.

But it is not alone Roxette who makes this show super. What do you think of the musicians and the whole tour crew.

Together where 36 people responsible for the sucess of this Swedish tour.

We, as a fan club, want to thank all those people for making this show super.