The Roxette Gazette

Did You Know That…

“The Look” has reached the top position in the following countries: Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Finland. West-Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

There are plans to release Look Sharp! in South America with a few Spanish songs. Roxette is in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and other countries with “The Look” a very popular English singing pop group. That’s why they want to release an album with a few Spanish songs. There is only one problem: Marie can’t speak Spanish.

Roxette were at the and of July again in the studio for recording the songs “Neverending Love” and “Soul Deep” for the fifth! American single of “Look Sharp!”

“Look Sharp!” is with nearly 500,000 copies, the best-selling album in Sweden. The equivalent in for example the U.K. will be 3 million. All four singles (Dressed for Success, Listen to Your Heart, The Look and Dangerous) are gold.

Not only Marie has an award for the Best Female Singer, Per has one too. He has the award for the best composer of 1988.