The Roxette Gazette


Note: This has been translated from the original Dutch.

Here is a translation of the Roxette Talkshow from the July 1989 issue of Popcorn magazine.

Popcorn: What do you do first thing in the morning?
Per: Find out what city I’m in

Popcorn: How much money do you have on you right now?
Marie: No money at all, just my credit card.

Popcorn: What three things or people would you like to take with you to a desert island? (Food is available).
Per: A big piano, my girlfriend and a fax machine. (In this order.)

Popcorn: What art skills would you like to master?
Marie: I own everything I want.
Per: Scuba diving.

Popcorn: Do you collect, if so, what?
Per: Guitars, records, and art.

Popcorn: What are your hobbies?
Marie: Music and drinking.

Popcorn: Which living personality would you like to meet?
Per: My girlfriend.

Popcorn: Your favourite book, film, record?
Per: Anything by Charles Bukowski, Taxi driver, Ramones 1st album.

Popcorn: What do you like about yourself and what definitely not?
Marie: I love my eyes and I hate my teeth.

Popcorn: What can you laugh about?
Marie: Roxette’s chart position in America.

Popcorn: Do you believe in God?
Per: That question is. Does he believe in me?

Popcorn: What will be on your tombstone?
Marie: Drink beer and make love.

Popcorn: What do you want to say or do, to guide that perceptive person, who needs to know you, to guide you.
Marie: I only look at him.

Popcorn: What do you do for the environment?
Per: I don’t smoke in toilets.